Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ticking the days off

No more Wednesday treatments. Happy day. 4 left. The end is in sight. Not thrilled about any treatment. But I'm making the lab technicians laugh as I walk in. Today I let them know "today is my last Wednesday"... One of my favorite technicians always says as she leaves me, "Won't be long." If she's not there that day I say it to myself. She's seen me through my radiation treatment for the cervical cancer, breast cancer, and now lymph nodes... kind woman. Another one used to say to me "stay still" during the breast cancer treatment. She doesn't say that anymore. I do not BUDGE or even breath more than shallow breaths once they're done writing on me, adjusting me, rolling me, positioning me just right. I'm honestly freaked out about moving a smidge at all because I don't want that radiation going anywhere wrong. Bad enough where it hits now.

Pretty drained/tired but still enjoying work. Don't feel like I'm overdoing things, just is annoying to get up in the mornings.... but I've never been a morning person. The end of the work week is tougher for me, more talking with some classes. Adjusted my lessons with some groups this week so that I don't talk as much and am LOVING my decision. Nice to have students back to independently exploring literature. Will add back technology projects and research soon... less talk from me... I did finish reading aloud one of my favorite books today with my son's class- read Love that Dog by Sharon Creech to them. I never tire of this book. I have most of it memorized. I adored the conversations once I was done about how the students felt about the book, cared about the character, how they enjoyed the entries in the book, how they followed the storyline... (they just finished an inquiry unit on the arts, connects to novels in verse perfectly)...  My favorite moment was chatting with one group of kids about how they loved Sharon Creech's book Heartbeat which they read for Battle of the Books this year and another group of kids came and told me they loved Walk Two Moons and then another group begged me to get Hate that Cat- the sequel to Love that Dog for the library (shocked I didn't buy it already)... Oh to love an author and have a little money left in my book budget to fulfill kids' wishes!
I received the most beautiful, supportive letter from Sharon about a month ago that really touched my heart... she's such a wonderful, thoughtful person. Have opened/read the letter many times since receiving it. It is like looking at a piece of art, lifts my spirits. Love that I can connect with her and other fantastic authors online... such a lucky person I am...

Enjoyed actually getting to treatment early today because of a lovely car ride from a friend and immediately going to treatment early and heading home at a decent time. Especially appreciated the bonus of meeting up with my kiddo on the minibus on the way home. Fun to catch up with him at the end of the school day. He was thrilled.

My good friend sent me this post I found quite helpful for thinking about future scans and stopping myself from worrying... She always sends the best advice:
10 Tips for Coping with Scanxiety:

This blog post upset and inspired me simultaneously: "As I lay dying":

Two more treatments this week, two more work days... Next week, last two treatments and then some recovery...

Enjoying each day for the gift it is, sometimes zoning out a little more but pacing myself best I can.
Thanks for journeying all...


  1. Honored for my words to be in your life . . . and your students' lives . . . and now your words are in mine. . . xxxx

  2. reading and sending love, Debbie.

  3. Thank you for posting this link on Twitter Debbie. I don't get over to FB as often as I want to anymore. You are an amazing woman. Journeying with you is an honor. Each day is truly a gift. Love to you and doggy kisses from Xena.

    1. :) Thank you... I'm the opposite, less Twitter than Facebook... so trying to balance a little better... Love your way, snuggles to Xena.