Healthy Practice Videos and Resources

I've been collecting videos for a while now on healthy practices that I think I want to visit and use in the future or already have visited and used... thought I'd share the collection here:

Gaiam TV:

Yoga Nidra Videos: - Yoga Nidra for beginners - Yoga Nidra for intermediate

Yoga in Bed exercises:

AM Yoga for Beginners with Rodney Yee

Gentle Yoga Poses - for Cancer Patients, etc:

Tapping Techniques:

I collect health videos on my YouTube playlist Health.

Going to revisit this blog, - it is a video blog from now cancer survivor who used yoga for healing throughout her cancer journey.

I want to spend time listening to this channel:!/

Also hope to make time to listen to these: The Self Acceptance Project:

Rehab after breast cancer operations/treatment:

Hmm, not so sure about this-

Good skincare resource for chemo and radiation patients:

The Nutritionist I went to shares information about adjuntive treatment for chemo/radio patients, some interesting supplement advice, etc here:

Will add more as recommended or found...

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