Thursday, February 12, 2015

Day by Day

I'm here.
Appreciating life.
Taking things day to day.
Grateful for thoughtful conversations, fun times, teaching and reading aloud time, learning opportunities...
Finding places to laugh, even in serious moments, even if I'm only laughing inside.
Happy to have a holiday for more time to rest and recover, spend time with family, relax with my dog.
Looking ahead and planning my future a little.
Staying positive, hopeful, and smiling.
Ignoring pain for the most part, thank goodness for a high tolerance.
Making others smile.
Making kids laugh.
Appreciate every day.
I'm here.

Just taking things quietly at the present moment. Hitting the halfway mark on Monday with radiation was a relief. Did a loud WOO HOO when I got off the Tomotherapy table. Knowing at this point I only have 12 to go is bearable but also a little intimidating. Not letting myself fret but have medicine on hand as side effects could rise. Taking things as requested by my doctor.

Attended an essential oils workshop, learned a little more, appreciated being around kind folk of CanSurvive (CancerLink support group)... Was slightly disappointed that nothing really related to cancer in the workshop, more just about the basics which was just fine, also had my hopes though...  Looking forward to appointments I've scheduled in the next week and also those days with absolutely NOTHING planned. Happy to have that gift of time coming.

Coughing still sucks but I've mostly found my voice again and can enjoy classes.
Pain still is there like a little tiny brick nestled in between my lungs but not as terrible as I expected.

Friends have been giving me rides to treatment, so grateful. Going in and not being exhausted and out of breath is a gift.
My sister's blog posts are a little punch of energy that I think about when the CT scan goes at the beginning of every treatment. Then I silently talk to the radiation and the cancer cells and my heart, lungs, etc. about how things will get better, how cancer cells can just let go and die already, and more. Relieved to have breathing exercises that stop me from coughing during treatment.
Proud of my kiddo who had an art exhibition with all his classmates. Appreciated getting to listen to him and his classmates talk about what they learned with their unit of inquiry. Proud of my boy for his enthusiasm and excitement in learning- my little smart sponge.
Listening to one of the best audiobooks I've enjoyed in a while- As You Wish- Inconceivable Tales from The Making of The Princess Bride by Cary Elwes - brilliant... but I'm quite partial to The Princess Bride...

Happy days to all.
Thanks for journeying.

Appreciated this flower during my recess duty...
blooms in the middle of winter here in Hong Kong.


  1. Grateful for those little moments when the veil is lifted just a little bit {When You Reach Me reference} and things seem clear and peaceful. Still here thinking of you!

    1. I just love Rebecca Stead- brilliant woman. Just finished another book by her... Happy days to you... :)