Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ok Days Holiday Break

Grateful for time at home, rest time, nap time.
Got thru three days of treatment, 8 to go. One coming this Saturday which is odd but there's adaptation for Chinese New Year.
Looking forward to getting back into routines next week. Five treatment days in a row and then two more the following week.
Saw my oncologist today. He's reassuring. Wasn't as impressed with my weight gain as I was excited... but of course I lost 4 pounds 1 1/2 weeks before and only gained back one. I told him "I worked hard to gain that pound!"
He said I'm doing remarkably well. Happy with my blood tests, kidney function and more. A relief.
The week of the last two radiation treatments I have to get a lung x-ray to see if my lungs were damaged by the treatment, oh boy. Then I get a "break" from treatments for around 3 weeks. Then I have to get a PET scan again to get another baseline check... for some reason I didn't expect to need to have another PET scan til June, sigh. Then based on checks I'll find out about the last two rounds of chemo/time plan. Might be right after we return from Bali. Will see.
I'm working hard to stay positive and hopeful. Still talking to the tumor. Asking it to die, shrink, quit growing, and more...
I'm tired of the pain I've begun to feel in my back, pretty sure from radiation. It was weird to move my tongue and feel pain for the first time. It doesn't hurt to swallow. Just sucks to cough.
Feeling tired but napping is helpful. Kiddo is patient with me which is good. Trying to make special time with him outside of our evening reading time.
Certainly feels good to leave the apartment without something covering my head. A relief.
Had fun visiting with friends yesterday at an anniversary party but I realized how many students were at this get together... more than I expected. One student looked at me, giggled and went and whispered to her other little friends. Another student just looked at me with huge wide eyes and I said "I know, my hair is different, right?" She said "Yeah." Kids will adapt. I certainly have.
Grateful that my husband is getting some things sorted for us... especially planning out our Bali trip. Fun to make plans together. Good to have things to look forward to.

Wishing readers well. Many thanks for journeying with me.
Enjoyed looking at these and sniffing the delicious smell.
Not even tempted to eat one bite anymore, feel like I've come so far.
Happy Anniversary to two good caring friends! :)


  1. You are one of the most positive people I know. Keep going Debbie. Sending you much love and doggy kisses from Xena.

    1. Thanks so much... many hugs your way plus love Xena's way....