Sunday, August 24, 2014

Preparation: Mental and Physical

Getting approved for surgery was the first step.
Mentally getting ready is a whole other ballgame.
I'm really am appreciating a meditation app presently- Headspace -
It is helping me refocus a little. I know I did my own form of meditation every time I was in the tunnel for radiation treatment... but this is purposeful. Different.
So, what's on my list in preparation for the surgery? (Surgery is this coming week on Wednesday, I check in at the hospital Tuesday.)

Work stuff: found out that I will have a substitute this time. This leads to many preparations- lesson plans, calendar planning, contact lists, author visit organization, and book fair planning... Feel like I'm only scratching the surface of the things I will address in the next week... but it can be done and worries will pass and I'll be able to refocus on myself soon.

Personal stuff: make sure my other blog is ship shape- I already prewrote 28 posts a while ago. Didn't know I was preparing for a break with a surgery, just had prewritten book reviews, life updates and such since I had a holiday and wanted to focus on work instead of being distracted on the computer.

Audiobooks: I might have enough energy and concentration after a day's recovery to listen to audiobooks... so I have focused on getting a few from the public library in addition to snagging a few from Audible. For months now I've been enjoying other audiobooks from free sources such as and other resources... but having a few adult audiobooks will be lovely to be distracted by... Downloaded a few. Plus have some great eBooks waiting to read...

Regular books: I don't plan to bring more than two physical books since I'll be home (hopefully) after 5 days... I have a load of books that I've committed to reviewing from Netgalley, so will enjoy reading them if I have concentration power.

Holds: I placed holds on various books - eBook and audiobooks - at the public library. I like doing this so I know some book treat is coming sooner or later.

Writing letters: I have some letters to write up... not to be morbid or anything, just want to write them now while I have the energy and reflection.

Paperwork: Dealing with random paperwork...

I know, I'm not going to camp. Just dealing with life and trying to keep positive.

I'm also researching and calming myself as questions come up. (Always the researcher, librarian in me comes out...)

I appreciated this Q/A website about lung cancer:

And this information on Chemotherapy for Lung Cancer:

And I plan to watch some of these videos about people's experiences with lung cancer soon enough:

And then also helpful to read more on non-small cell lung cancer's treatment advances:

I have random things flitting thru my mind. For example: the need to pack my breakfast for the hospital since I can eat until 7:30am and I know the hospital is slow at getting me food in the AM. I want to make sure I can eat before going into surgery later in the day... I also want to take my vitamins/medicine in the AM!


  1. I'm sitting here with you, reading, breathing, meditating. Will carry you with me in my heart on Wednesday, especially, but every day. Will wait here for good news on Thursday, etc. <3

    1. Thank you for your beautiful support, so grateful!

  2. What a lovely comment from Gae. I hope the five days pass swiftly, that your family us gathered close and that these will be days of love and care. Thinking of you.

    1. Thank you... appreciate the support... Really hoping to be strong enough to meet you by the time you're here... shall see. Days of love and care, good priority! :)

  3. Thinking of you, Debbie! I think it's technically Wednesday now where you are so I'm sending all good thoughts for your surgery later today. Much love, Kathy

    1. Thanks... appreciate all the good thoughts... going to sleep now, surgery is in 13 hours... not that I'm counting.