Saturday, October 3, 2015

Birthday and Pacing Myself

Lovely yoga time with my friend.
Special entrance to the fitness club.
Well. Already wrote this post and everything was lost... rewriting is a little brief.
Days have flown by.
Birthday treat.
I'm alive.
I'm swallowing food, mostly, mornings are hard but by dinner I'm doing better. Couldn't swallow my supplements this morning.
Today was a little challenging.
My body reminded me to stop. right. now. today when I went to a conference.
I enjoyed a morning workshop, presented about creating a reading classroom community and booktalked 70+ books in 55 minutes, and then I enjoyed watching wonderful authors receive book awards and share wonderful thoughts... After an hour, sitting in a chair was not agreeing with me. Very frustrating. I got up while the keynote speaker shared. No resolving pain or exhaustion. Went and found a couch on the other side of the building. Laid down. Took about an hour to feel ok. A catering staff person brought me water. Another person asked if they could call anyone. Then they gave me lunch early... I ate a little bit and felt a tiny bit better.
Special birthday flowers from a friend.
Special birthday flowers from family.
Went and said hi to a few beloved authors and quickly got in my car and drove home. Felt strong enough and wasn't in as much pain/exhaustion by that time. Rested pretty much the rest of the day.
Got thru the past 9 days ok. On Monday I saw a genetic counselor (mostly a waste of my time, useful for my family hopefully) and also my naturopathic dr. He didn't have much to suggest for me with the swallowing and such, just wants me to get to another oncologist to get a second opinion, that's happening in a few weeks.
Enjoyed work even with training interruptions. Appreciating not just being a cancer patient there. I'm a valued staff member. Most of my coworkers know how I am with the medical situation but they don't dig too much, just a good caring group. Love that kids are smiling when I come in the room now to teach... Also appreciated a birthday serenade from a class of first graders- good friend made sure people knew it was by birthday... I shared it with anyone I was walking around with, never been one to be quiet about celebrating my birthday.
Birthday dinner time with my love.
Enjoyed family dinner time. Went to Pastini's and actually ate everything on my plate. Including tiramisu cake...
The next week is full of medical stuff.
I'm seeing a radiation specialist on Tuesday and Thursday I see a gastro-enterologist and oncologist. Then Friday I get Avastin again.
Still learning how to read my body and be patient with myself... since my body seems to be changing, I feel a bit unpredictable.
Love my present from a former student who runs Cranes of Hope.
Lovely blessing for my car.
Thanks for journeying with me as always...


  1. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I could never send you enough love, Debbie.

  2. Presenting takes a lot of physical and emotional energy. You're amazing. xxxxxxx

  3. Love. Tree. Hope. Constantly. And adored those beautiful birthday photos. Your face somehow shows nothing but joy and light. 😘😘😘

    1. Somehow... funny how that works... Many hugs your way, thank you for the love, trees and hope, as always...