Friday, October 16, 2015

Well... clinging to hope

Choosing the temperature of the air being
pumped into my hospital gown.
Had the endoscopy and was disappointed. My surgeon decided once he was in my digestive tract that a stint wouldn't stay in place. So nope. No relief from the food hell I'm presently in. He strongly encouraged me to get a feeding tube set up. :( I said no. I'm going to try try try to eat enough when I can eat to maintain and gain weight. And I hope that when I start the immunotherapy drug the tumors will shrink and lessen the pain/pressure. Shall see. Family and I are thinking on creative fatty foods, especially drinks and soups. Shall see...
Serious me... Just a had time smiling at a hospital...
Ever see a hospital gown 
I honestly did melt down for a while last night going through doubts and regrets over my stubbornness and how the feeding tube could have been put in during that procedure... money, going thru the procedure again, etc. Oh well. Debating and hoping still. Shall see. Hoping for that immunotherapy to help me... trying my best to stay positive. Might give in eventually to a feeding tube but perhaps one that is actually through my nose vs. another incision/tube sticking out of my body.

Still heartbroken by cancer taking special people's lives and impacting other people's lives. Made the mistake of watching a inspiring but upsetting movie- The C Word.

So there's good things happening lately...
1. My husband got a job and begins next week, hooray.
2. My parents are supporting us for a few weeks with our kiddo while we transition day care situations.
3. My son was just accepted into an after school care program that will give him a lot of practice in Mandarin, thrilled since we knew that his knowledge was fading quickly since he didn't have any new practice in talking Mandarin in months. He starts in November and is open to the classes, phew.
4. Soon enough I'll get to go on immunotherapy that will hopefully knock out these tumors... I know it is a stretch but miracles happen, every day.

Hoping, believing, and loving every day I'm alive, even the tough ones...  thanks for journeying with me...


  1. Adding seventy gazillion more barrels of loverino to my daily shipment to you :)) xxxxxxxx

  2. Sending you hugs, Debbie, for all the days & that the high calorie foods will help.

  3. Every rich decadent drink I shouldn't have....yours. Every possible hope, strength, love...yours.

  4. propping your hope for that immunotherapy to kick in. <3