Sunday, October 26, 2014

Plugging away day by day

Postural Hypotension- sounds like something interesting, right?
That's what my oncologist suggested I have after Sheli and I talked with him about my episode on Monday... he said in the future if I begin to feel dizzy, sit down, drink water, cool off. And to not push so hard... Hmm. I looked it up and it doesn't look like what I have but I'll follow directions.

Had an ok chemo session, snoozed, read, hung out with Sheli. We came home right after and ate lunch. Oh, and I gained weight! Last week I'd lost weight and I wasn't too thrilled about that but this week I'm back much better... my oncologist is surprised and has told me more than once that I'm looking better than the beginning of the chemo treatment... Hmm.

Sheli and I randomly came across a lady holding a sign about a place you could get your feet/legs in a steam thing (healthy with Chinese herbs) and then get a reflexology massage. We indicated interest and suddenly we were being directed through the streets (and closer to my apartment). I realized that we were going to get this steam/reflexology/massage treatment right that minute... Sheli was a little thrown to be brought along... We ended up in a tiny elevator going up to the fourth floor of this apartment building less than a block from my apartment.
We entered a lovely oasis of peaceful beauty. Seriously. We were immediately given clothes to change into, slippers, and went to our own rooms. Then we were given a locker to settle all our stuff but our phones. Then we went to the luxurious chairs and were given wonderful warm sacks of heaven around our necks. The woman suggested we go with the "Beauty" herbal selection since it was our first time at the place. Ok, no problem. We watched as they started up a steamer that was hooked up to this bamboo tub. There was this platform for your feet and under it was where the herbal treatment went. You popped your legs in and were covered up with a towel that went up your legs to enclose the steam. What a hot yet healthy experience! I loved it! So did Sheli. She kept threatening that she wasn't going to be able to leave. After 30 minutes of steaming, getting treats and interesting water, we received 50 minutes of massage/reflexology treatment, wow.
What a lovely surprise choice for us... I've been meaning to get reflexology done to help with the chemo treatment and also had been reading/watching how steam is a healthy treatment as well... talk about kismet.
Hong Kong Friends, interested in visiting? It is called HELA:
Located at 4/F, 15 Lan Fong Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.
*Best part? Mosquito bites seem to be resolved!! (Besides relaxation and peacefulness for a few friends.)

Hooray to lovely places to visit. Hooray to friendship time. Hooray for flexible situations. So grateful for the second half of the day be so positive since the first half just never even gets me to smile. Seriously. Even with my best friend, I'm in the worst of moods... but not towards others, just can't smile.


  1. I haven't read recent posts, except your book reviews, Debbie, but that doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about you, sending thoughts across the ocean! Your serendipitous trip sounds wonderful. What an adventurer you are!

    1. Thank you Linda, must appreciate the kismet moments... :)

  2. This place sounds heavenly Debbie. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks.... so peaceful, I've already returned once...