Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Taking my time

Now I bought a little bit... think it would be quite bitter for juicing.
Must use soon! Must find a way to use this! :)
Well. I'm done with chemo for the first time in the US. So Debbie, what's different? Not too much.
1. Avastin only. It provides me hope. A little bit. Until I can get some type of immunotherapy- no I'm not giving up. If you didn't notice by now, I'm a pretty persistent bugger. :)
2. They are not only vampires collecting my blood at the beginning of a treatment, they also enjoy collecting urine. Seriously, what's with the urine collection? Every time? After insurance not covering any of those tests for over a year, I have this foreboding feeling when they are administered now... but I honestly was reassured to have a blood test after 2 months free of them.
3. They take stinking FOREVER. Seriously. Even though I had a wonderful companion (thank you Joyce, so grateful) with me who helped me be distracted, it took over 1 1/2 hours to get going and administer the Avastin. Avastin only takes 30 minutes and doesn't need any pre/post drugs (hooray!) and so the time it took for everything else really was dreadfully long in comparison to Hong Kong. Made me appreciate that private clinic that had a blood lab and pharmacy right there taking care of everything efficiently.
4. They didn't poke me twice. Seriously. I found this to be so pleasant (as pleasant as getting a needle in your arm can be...) so pleasant to be set up with the needle in my vein and a blood draw from there vs. an initial blood draw in another location. Hmm.
5. The US does a cheaper set up with the needle. I don't mind it. Just different. Less firm. Do you notice? Seriously, dinosaur bandage. And when they finished and pulled the needle out they gave me a pink heart bandage. Hah. I'll be entertained. One nurse said, "Oh, we only use the special ones for you guys." Ok. Made me chuckle...
Laughing about the dinosaurs...
6. 3 weeks in between is going to be an adjustment. Not complaining. Annoyed that I have to go a day or so before to talk about how I'm feeling when an email would simply do. I did talk with the nurse about that yesterday. Waiting to find out about location/next appointment, etc...
7. Side effects? I'm stinking moody. I wondered today why I was so low and I've decided... Avastin. I also am having terrible sleep and am off from that. Starting a new job and that learning curve of meeting new people is also something that throws me off. I have a few friends at the new school but there's just so much darn "unknown" that's in my life at the moment... working on smiling. Going to get up earlier so I can do qi gong each morning to lighten my mood. It worked before!
8. Other side effects? Meh. My poor stomach. It is not happy. At all. But it isn't too scary. Shall see. Also I noticed a tiny nose bleed on Monday but nothing since... I'm still having those annoying hot flashes (I know they're NOTHING in comparison to what my friends go thru)... thank goodness for layers. Grateful I'm not getting to the fainting stage. Watching and pacing myself carefully.

I'm a little distracted with work. Have a feeling that my posts might be stretched out and then on chemo weeks I will share more...
Here's what I've found useful/fascinating lately online:

I liked this yoga routine- one you can do in bed, going to try it out, so simple and easy:

Appreciated watching this 60 Minutes report, my mom shared- thanks as always mom:
Using Polio to kill cancer- what a fascinating possibility this is. I watched 3 videos through this link.

Hope for the future: messing around with MicroRNAs:

Hmm, this is quite the claim:

Thanks as always for journeying with me...


  1. Wish that the need for chemo wasn't so urgent, a new job is enough of a challenge! Were tumour/s measured prior to chemo start? Remember you have been boosting your immune system to reduce tumours and you were feeling better.
    By the way tumeric is fine to juice just not too much as can be bitter, I find 2cm per juice ok.

  2. Dinosaurs and hearts! Grin. New jobs can easily get you to overdo. Careful girl.