Monday, August 17, 2015

Answers, wasted time?

Love my new Harry Potter dress... picture taken last week.
I can see a difference in my hair growth in a week...
nice to feel stronger.
I know. Take it one day at a time. But after 5 weeks, I'm slightly put out that my doctors here finally agree with my oncologist and many other specialists in Hong Kong.
Talked with an assistant today who confirmed that I have metastatic cervical cancer. A relief to be out of the 'what in the world is he talking about, another cancer?' zone we were in for a few weeks there. Funny to talk with someone who asks, "Is your partner there? How are you feeling? I know this must come as a shock." Of course, my answer of "I'm fine, I'm relieved that my diagnosis, chemo and radiation treatment over the past year was for the right type of cancer, now can we get to scheduling an appointment with the next specialist please?"--- this might have thrown him off. I have to wait... AGAIN for another tumor board meeting this Thursday... then supposedly I might get an appointment this Friday, we'll see if  it happens. I'd be thrilled.
The assistant brought up chemo and how I said "no more chemo with the surgeon's assistant" but I clarified with "if it is targeted therapy that is actually confirmed that it will do something, I'm open." I really plan to meet with whichever specialist they finally refer me to and bring up the possibility of getting an "off label" prescription to an immunotherapy drug that looks promising and is being used with cervical cancer patients since I don't qualify for the trials with my dual diagnosis (breast cancer)...
For now, I'm really grateful that I'm keeping up with things and trying out a few new options...
1. I'm still oil pulling in the mornings.
2. I'm finishing my third week using nutritional supplements that help heal and strengthen my immune system. - Mannatech -
3. I'm doing qigong sporatically, will get a routine going...
4. I'm still doing essential oil application every morning.
5. I'm still practicing healthy food intake including lemon water in the morning, green juice, no sugar, no nightshades, and more... added in solar water/blue bottles in sun which I'm loving since I don't enjoy drinking freezing cold water.
6. I tried out a "Journey" practitioner who led me on a deeply personal experience visiting past emotions and dealing with forgiveness... probably will share more on this another time.

So, I feel like I'm proactive and not doubting my choices, still working on my patience but happy to stop doubts... focusing more on my well being and being balanced instead of worrying about tumors...

Thanks for journeying with me...


  1. Thinking of you. Wishing you both strength and patience

  2. Thinking of you as well. I wish you felt as good as you look. Looking forward to seeing you at media party in a couple of weeks!

  3. You of all people are allowed to feel impatient! I like the idea of focusing on wellbeing. Love from England.

  4. You of all people are allowed to feel impatient! I like the idea of focusing on wellbeing. Love from England.

  5. I love to hear of all the wellbeing treatments you have going on. Keep it up!