Sunday, November 30, 2014

Riding Energy Waves

Well, that last appointment with my oncologist didn't sit too well for me but oh well, not always going to go as I assume. I've certainly learned that with this journey.
Right now I'm doing math. 1+4=5 1+2+2=5  1-1 dose + 1-3 doses+ 1-1 dose+ 1-2 doses+ 1-1 dose= 5 more treatments instead of one left.
So I have the PET scan this Wednesday. My oncologist expects results back by Saturday when I have what was supposed to be my final chemo treatment. But I got more information.
If I have clear scan results, which I'm expecting but also accepting that you never know, my oncologist was pretty blatant- he said, "I hope you understand, I want you to have one more full round of treatment. This will not be as you were expecting. Instead you'll have two before your holiday and two after the holiday." Hmm. Not thrilled at all but he did say since the beginning that he expected to have four rounds of chemo and then adjusted it to three and then contingent on a clear PET scan I'd have a fourth round. I'm glad I get to escape for a while. I'm glad we planned/paid for this trip back in June before changes occurred again with this third round of dealing with cancer. Anticipating a holiday is a good distraction. Shall see how things go.
So far on Saturday after chemo I was w-i-p-e-d out. I hung out for a little bit with my family after my husband and I came back from chemo and listened to a great audiobook for a little bit and then slept and slept and slept until almost dinnertime. Then I was up-up-up until 1am with my brain in full gear. I took advantage of full brain waves by prewriting blog posts for my "baby"- The Styling Librarian blog that I've written for almost 3 years now- I started it almost 3 years ago on January 1st, 2012, a few months after that we decided Hong Kong would be our big life change. So, most of the blog I've written here in Hong Kong. I love reviewing books, interviewing authors, sharing random videos, writing about life's adventures and more... it is a good outlet and when I've prewritten posts, I'm much calmer and happier and productive. I've been a bit behind for the past few months with prewriting my posts... never have missed posting my regular things and I honestly take great pride in maintaining the blog. I am so grateful for all the connections I've made to authors, illustrators, bloggers, fellow book lovers and more. So... hooray for my stronger brain waves night that allowed me to prewrite blog posts for a while. It was a relief.
Sunday- today- has been a little odd. Sleeping in, walking the dog, missing other Sunday routines, and reading- I completed a novel, an audiobook and just finished reading an incredible non-fiction picture book as well. Plus we had a good amount of family time and watched a Star Trek flick as well... Never know how each day will go.
Thanks, as always, for journeying with me. Grateful, as always.
Reblooming orchid- makes me happy to watch the changes each day. 


  1. You always thank us for journeying with you but you have no idea how much strength and goodness you spread into the world. Thank YOU for this journal and your wonderful blog. Sending love, healing thoughts and doggy kisses from Xena.

  2. Debbie, I don't know how you are making it through all of this, but it's giving me great hope to watch you from afar and see that, somehow, you are. Of course, I know that we do what we must and especially when you are surrounded by so much love from family and friends. Let that surrounding of love carry you like a gentle wave through the rest of this. I'm here standing in tree daily... did so yesterday with my sister and she was amazed at how long and still I could stay there as she fell out, and I said, "that's my friend Debbie for you." Absolutely true story. <3


  3. And through all this discombobulated week, you wrote all those posts ahead, Debbie! It's good to hear the determination for doing the things you love, and looking on the positive side like for the coming trip is always a good thing. Hope December is full of wonderful moments for you!