Monday, November 10, 2014

Mental Rest and Ups and Downs

Today I learned about Yoga Nidra and appreciated a friend coming by to lead me through a session. Fascinating, relaxing, peaceful. Recommended. I'll be trying it out by youtube videos as well as looking forward to working with her on it as well. Also loved catching up with my best friend thru Skype... miss her presence here but reassuring that we can always catch up.

Dealing with insurance frustrations... don't you love it when you hear those words "Um, I'll have to call you back..." and then you don't receive that call? Meh. Not worth my energy, have things ready when I do actually receive a phone call back... Same with emails as well... out of my control, letting go as best I can.

Appreciated reading this article...
Mostly reassuring since I haven't dealt with these thoughts very often.

This afternoon it happened AGAIN. ECH. I was laying down resting and got up to go to the door to chat and pass a book to a friend. My husband was there too. I got a loud buzzing in my head and fainted. My husband caught me... such a confusing thing. I think I got up too quick. I also think that the anti-nausea medicine is the cause for this but not certain... went back to bed and rested. Doing fine now but really glad I was taking it easy... especially glad I wasn't up and taking a walk. I get that for this time I got up too quick... the last two times I was walking around for a while and then standing still for a while and then fainted. Hmm.

So, getting along, my worst day predicted after chemo, know things are cumulative, but not worst situation, grateful for that at least. On the countdown of treatments. Forgot to mention, I gained weight again this past week (woot) - I still find it funny that I'm celebrating weight gain but so be it. Part of life at this time.

Here's two Yoga Nidra YouTube videos I'm planning to make time for in the mornings. - Yoga Nidra for beginners - Yoga Nidra for intermediate


  1. so scary, Debbie... it's hard to remember you're dealing with so much sometimes, because you look so (so!) well in your photos you post on facebook... not that I ever really forget.

    Glad you are okay. Can't wait for you to be through this phase of treatment and on the full road to recovery.

    Sending you huge love every day.

    1. Thanks... end is in sight, or at least a family holiday is hopefully in sight! x

  2. I'm glad you're finding new things to work at, like the Yoga, & sorry for the mystery of the fainting. Guess it tells you to be alert to the feeling, Debbie. Happy to hear about the weight gain, but I get it that usually we don't celebrate it. Something to chuckle about, right? Best wishes always! I'll get to your books later today!

  3. I am amazed how you focus on the positive in the midst of all the issues which are coming your way Debbie. I know I've said it before but it bears repeating, you are a hero to me. I am sending prayers and loads of love your way along with doggy kisses from Xena.

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