Friday, September 12, 2014

Skin and Hair Researching Tips Plus Chemo Details

Thank you to those who shared humor videos and websites with me...
I've been collecting suggestions on this blog page:
I also decided it would be good to collect my healthy practice videos as well on a page, here it is:

So, one tip I read recently (and was also told by a helpful friend) was to cut my hair short so that when I do have hair loss, it won't be as much of a shock.
I have permission to pop into my school on Monday when there's an author visit. I'm excited to see coworkers and the author... and of course students... for a few minutes.
After the visit, in the afternoon, I'm going to see my favorite hairstylist who will do her best to give me a good short haircut. Haven't had it short/pixie like pretty much since I was 12. At that time, that style was a disaster for me. I love having long hair... So, my friend will come along and distract/support as well...

Sweet boy:
Had the chat with my kiddo tonight. Broke the news that chemotherapy was going to start next Saturday. He just pointed at his head and said, "that's the one where you might lose your hair, right?"
I explained that I would likely lose my hair, yes. Saw tears starting to pop out of his eyes and we quickly explained about getting a shorter haircut on Monday and how I'll still be me, just less hair... He calmed down and joked with us about being bald and we shifted to a conversation about scars which was quite entertaining... Ended with us talking about how I fell for my husband at a swing dance lesson and how he caught my eye by reading a book during the dance break times. My husband thinks that scars are attractive and draw women in with the curiosity factor... I told the kiddo that it wasn't necessary to get scars to be attractive. Amusing to shift to that topic, I was grateful... I know this is just the beginning and that he's going to have many ups and downs as he watches my reactions to treatment. He's been the cheering section so far with my lung recovery/breathing practice.

Chemotherapy Details:
I read up on side effects of the chemo drugs that will be pushed into my body. Many listed skin changes, lip and mouth ulcers, and many other drastic side effects. So... to the internet I go to find out more.
I know some people might actually want to know the combo of drugs that will be pumped into my body so... Here they are:
I will have chemo for 12 total weeks as long as things are going ok.
It will occur in 4 week rounds, so 3 rounds total.
Avastin - the antiangiogenic- once the first and third week:

Skin changes and more, investigated:
I found out a few things...
First off, there is a site called Look Good Feel Better, interesting:
Appreciate their videos and tips for makeup- losing eyebrows isn't as worrisome:

There are many good tips for chemo treatments...
25 tips here:

Skin tips:

Some interesting skincare tips...,24441

Concerned about mouth sores...

More ideas for lip treatment:

Video on effects of chemotherapy on skin:

So, yup, learning a little bit more...
Enjoying the days....
Getting thru.
Sweet dog monitored me today:


  1. oh the strength you have. watching. taking notes. hoping the twelve weeks pass quickly and life leaves you with only blue skies. <3

    1. Thank you... I agree, hoping they pass quickly. Also hoping to move beyond all these speedy weeks of medical focus and get balance again. :) Hugs...

  2. What's amazing about your blogging is it's not only inspiring but a great repository of useful information as well!

    1. Thank you Candy... I'm sort of creating it as a resource for myself to look back on but also know it might be useful for others as well... which is good... :)