Tuesday, December 15, 2015

So, about this rollercoaster I'm on, I'd like a break now and then please...

Logging for a few days.
So. PET scan was fine on Thursday.
Work was fine most on Friday.
I was up most of the night Friday/Saturday.
I swallowed one pill and began coughing/vomiting and couldn't stop all day. Drank tea. Took allergy medicine... meh.
After going thru that, I wasn't thrilled with Saturday. Received a new anti-nausea med I take every 6 hours now. Sunday morning at 1:30 am I started coughing up blood along with mucus. Very disconcerting. This hasn't really ended yet... yuck.
Went to the dr.
Got two bags of fluid.
They didn't know what to do with me.
I had terrible sleep. Couldn't stop panic breathing where everytime I laid down I'd go into this breathing issue. Still an issue during the daytime.
Called to beg to see my oncologist Monday since I had a sub but she's been on holiday so she actually couldn't squeeze me in since she wants quality conversation time about the PET scan. So tomorrow I go.

PET SCAN results... 30 minute wait while my oncologist reviewed results, could have been good or bad, or both. Yep, both. Received "Mixed Results".

The one good: the tumor on my adrenal gland that was discovered in July shrunk a load, she was happy.

The other things, not so happy.
We did decide to stay the course.
I'll try my best to share what's the worrisome stuff:

1. Might have pneumonia, will get an antibiotic, likely liquid, tomorrow.
2. Mediastintum where I've been radiated/have tumor/been fighting/been cut up/operated there, etc.... is growing, more active. Plus found a new tumor area near the mass.
3. Abdomen hasn't been brought up before... could be cancer in there in the lower right quadrant, hmm.
4. Could also be peritoneal disease which is not something new for cervical cancer patients...
5. I have what's called a "Mixed Response" overall to the Nivolumab.

She also mentioned that she just got back from a conference where they discussed these checkpoint inhibitors, like Nivolumab, and how they're just not as straightforward as we'd like... and to stay the course and be patient. Guess I can do this.
She also mentioned that there sometimes are "pseudo progressors" which also she said might signal that we need to give more time.

Well, plugging away, going to be a little quiet and introspective now... Staying positive as I can. Resting where I find time. Working to get better sleep, here's hoping.
Wishing everyone well,
Thanks for journeying with me.

2 more months I'm going to stay this course, shall see. Every other week Nivolumab I believe, shall see!...


  1. Your strength is extraordinary. Holding on to hope for you. Will stand in tree extra long and breathe with and for you. Sending light and love. 😘😘😘

  2. Oh Debbie, so sorry to hear this. Sending love, light, hope and peace. xoxo

  3. Fifty-seven gazillion barrels of loverino beaming your way. Hope you have room for them. :)) xxxxxxxx

  4. I love you so much Debbie. You are an amazing human being.

  5. Debbie--sending oodles of love and hugs your way. Always thinking of you, warrior woman!

  6. Haven't heard from you in a while, so hope you are doing better! Sending lots of prayers your way!!