Friday, March 6, 2015

Pace yourself girl

This week whipped my behind.
I enjoyed it though. I knew it would be hard. Plus having terrible sleep doesn't help.
Coughing is still frustrating... Medicine does not help. I have seen an increase recently but am hoping that will turn around soon... Friday was the worst for this, to be honest. But somehow I got thru all the class library times and didn't break down coughing as the narrator during the puppet show yesterday (that was my biggest concern, phew).
Enjoyed time with my family this week. Little things like my kiddo finally getting new shoes felt like such a success story. Felt a little sad that I didn't have energy to go to one event that I'd committed to and another one I was excited about but being careful is more important.
Got x-ray done. Shoulder/neck pain is so annoying. Distracting. Curious to see what my oncologist says. Hoping to get a referral note to see that specialist, shall see.
Gotta say, these past three days waking up and being free of the hospital trek was a beautiful thing.
Enjoyed the children's book week, a bit going on next week as well with an author visit and also a favorite author friend visiting my home...  all good things...

So... I sorted and organized all my paperwork again for medical info. I tend to allow it to accumulate (in a somewhat organized manner) during each treatment and then at the end sort it out... another form of closure. It's amazing how thick this health documentation file has grown since my diagnosis in August. What a long time it has been, yet so short in the scheme of things I suppose. Happy to have things sorted there. Now on to organizing little areas so that when we move it will be easier to pack...

I have an issue that I've been really quiet about. I suppose this journal hasn't really felt like the place to reflect on this but now... I'm ok with it:
I'm not fond of how Susan B. Komen for the Cure manages the funding that is raised. I find that there is enough awareness of breast cancer, I dream that they could refocus on funding research... I find that pamphlets about breast exams and encouragement about getting mammograms is important, don't get me wrong... but I find it disturbing how little of their fundraising goes towards research and innovation presently... I follow one woman blogger who has started a petition... I was happy to sign this, thought I'd share.

One sweet kiddo this week came up to me with big eyes and said, "You've been so brave." I asked, "What? Doing the puppet show?" She said, "No, when you were sick..."  I told her, "Yes I am brave." And then moved on. It is amazing how being at work can distract me from illness. A very good thing sometimes.

Thanks for journeying with me as always...
See my Dr. Seuss converse shoes? I love them...
inspired from the book If I ran the circus. I dressed as Where's Waldo/Wally.
Thanks to some wonderful people for loaning me, my kiddo, and some other colleagues the costumes,
made life much easier.

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  1. I have Dr. Seuss converse as well! The Green Eggs and Ham striped hi-tops and gray lo-tops.