Friday, June 12, 2015

Clean Scan - Support me please

Enjoyed visiting a Cat Cafe with my friend...
blogging on Styling Librarian about it in a few weeks.
I believe...

I'm having a PET scan in a few weeks. Then I will have results a few days later. I believe the scan will be clear. No cancer. I need all my friends, family, loved ones to also have this thought for me. Let's take advantage of positive thoughts.

I'm feeling much better than a few weeks ago. Taking things day by day. I will be well. I am healing. It will take a while and I'll be a little different than I was before but I feel good about the future. There is so much to live for. So much to hope for. 

I want to see my son have his Bar Mitzvah. Be there for family celebrations. Watch my son graduate from High School. Attend college. Celebrate anniversaries and life events with my husband. Have new adventures. Enjoy time with friends and family... Continue a career that I'm passionate about... I have too many good things in my life and know the future is bright.

Clean scan. It will be clear, all these things I've done for almost a year have been successful.
If you talk with me about the scan, focus on the positive. Believe it will be a clean scan with me.

I feel lucky because...
I can fully breath even with part of my lung removed.
My gum has healed and I might not need surgery for the area I was concerned about.
My fingernails are growing out and looking a little bit healthier.
My hair will grow back soon enough.
My energy level fluxuates but I can enjoy work without feeling like I'm going to collapse.
My stomach is feeling a little better.
I have job prospects. Shall see.
Family are excited for us to return home.
Our friends are excited for us to return home.
I have an oncologist and other team members lined up to help me once I'm home.
Things are somewhat falling into place with paperwork and moving details here. I've got good support as needed as well...

So much to be grateful for...

Clean scan.
Think it.
Believe it.
Have faith and hope for me.

Thank you as always for journeying with me... grateful, grateful, grateful...


  1. Clean scan. YES!!!!! It cannot be anything else but clean. I believe it with you, Debbie! So many positive signs already. :-) —Salina

    1. Thank you... :) Agreed. Positive.... in good positive ways. :)

  2. Every day, sending those positive wishes, Debbie!

  3. Lots of positive faith filled thoughts and prayers coming your way 😍

  4. Sending positive thoughts your way and continuing to hold you in my prayers. CLEAN SCAN Lord!

  5. As Captain Picard would say: "CLEAN SCAN: Make It So!"

  6. Yes, you got this one, Debbie. Count me in. Clean scan. As-though-you-never-had-it clean. Live-til-you're-300 clean. XXOOXO

  7. I believe Debbie. It will be a clean scan. I believe.

    1. Thank you... many hugs your way and Xena's way...

  8. With all my heart, I wish and pray for a clean scan! If anyone can do it, you can Debbie! It is mandatory.